have you guys seen the spooky otters


being hot and funny and smart sure is exhilarating =^.^=

me always all the time


i just love imagining that every stupid thing the aquabats do they justify it with “for the kids”

jump off a roof. for the kids. break your face open doing backflips. for the kids. breathe fire. or set your head on fire. for the kids.

throw the kids into the audience. for the kids


Harumi Asao 

Beck and I went to the caf together and now we’re suffering the consequences


”..the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve..”

-Matthew 20:28

muh hair black now btw 


Hegel’s last words, "And he didn’t understand me", were previously interpreted to refer to all of his students as a single person. However, his newly discovered notebooks indicate that during his final days Hegel developed his dialectic so far that he was able to predict the future movements of history in such detail that he realized the historical inevitability of a hyperactive Slovenian man explaining his Philosophy entirely through anal sex metaphors. This discovery haunted him until his final moments.


Tina is a Punk Rocker. [full color version] (via ajmartinsson)